The Tomasek Family

The Tomasek Family

Meet the Tomaseks

The Tomasek's found themselves in NW Arkansas recently. They moved here from Oregon. After two days of no work, no prospects for a job, and seeking assistance from several other non-profits they came to the M&N Augustine Foundation homeless and hungry.

In less than four hours after meeting them the following 5 items occurred:

  • They were given 7 nights in a hotel.
  • They were given cash and food from our Caring kitchen to sustain them for a week.
  • They were brought in for counseling (bi-weekly).
  • They were encouraged to aggressively seek jobs.
  • They were encouraged to enroll their 3 sons in school.



  • The Tomasek kids are in school.
  • Jerry has a job @ Tyson Foods.
  • They are housed in a hotel until the 14th of December, with the prospect for long-term housing.
  • They have signed up and are temporarily receiving food stamps. (Foundation clients are not allowed to stay on food stamps longer than 3 months).
  • All three kids have adequate clothing.
  • After our weekly wrap-up session, their only need was money for laundry, which was provided by the Foundation.

They are thankful and cannot wait to become volunteers in the M&N Augustine Foundation.

We wanted to share their story with you and what we are doing together, is making a difference in the lives of others.