Our Mission Statement

The M&N Augustine Foundation for Human Development, Inc. is a client-centered, non-bureaucratic, result-oriented organization which exists to elevate downtrodden humanity through educational, financial, and social means.

This is just a fancy way of saying that we exist to help people and we are looking for like-minded individuals and organizations to join us in addressing hunger and poverty. We know it's impossible to eliminate hunger and poverty but we can make a difference for our neighbors, one life at a time. More importantly, you can make a difference and we can show you how.


Caring Kitchen

We feed veterans, elderly, homeless and the lonely every Tuesday during the Summer and Tuesdays and Thursdays during the winter. 

Annual easter Feed

With the help of our volunteers we feed over 6000 of our veteran, homeless, elderly and shut-in neighbors.


International Festival

People from all over the world call Northwest Arkansas home. Our International Festival is a chance experience new flavors, cultures and celebrate the diversity of our community.

The M&N Augustine Foundation, its volunteers, along with the many children and families who were the recipients of your generosity, would like to thank the Walker Family Foundation, Dr. R.L and Mrs. Nancy Qualls, and Walmart Corporate Office employees for making this year's Walter F. Hussey Christmas Program possible.

May God bless each of you, during this Christmas season and the New Year!!!

The Tomasek Family

The Tomasek Family

Meet the Tomaseks

The Tomasek's found themselves in NW Arkansas two weeks ago from Oregon. After two days of no work, no prospects for a job, and seeking assistance from several other non-profits they came to the M&N Augustine Foundation homeless and hungry.

In less than four hours after meeting them the following 5 items occurred:

  • They were given 7 nights in a hotel.
  • They were given cash and food from our Caring kitchen to sustain them for a week.
  • They were brought in for counseling (bi-weekly).
  • They were encouraged to aggressively seek jobs.
  • They were encouraged to enroll their 3 sons in school.



  • The Tomasek kids are in school.
  • Jerry has a job @ Tyson Foods.
  • They are housed in a hotel until the 14th of December, with the prospect for long-term housing.
  • They have signed up and are temporarily receiving food stamps. (Foundation clients are not allowed to stay on food stamps longer than 3 months).
  • All three kids have adequate clothing.
  • After our weekly wrap-up session, their only need was money for laundry, which was provided by the Foundation.

They are thankful and cannot wait to become volunteers in the M&N Augustine Foundation.

We wanted to share their story with you and what we are doing together, is making a difference in the lives of others. 

Thank you Arvest and everyone who gave to 1 Million Meals

Our friends at Arvest recently ran a campaign to address hunger in the communities they serve called 1 Million Meals. Each year, Arvest encourages its customers and employees to bring non-perishable food items to the nearest branch. The goal is to collect enough food for 1,000,000 meals. We're excited to say they exceeded their goal. Congratulations!

The M&N Augustine Foundation was one of the charities selected to receive donations collected by Arvest. Two members of the Arvest team came to our facility with a vehicle full of non-perishable food items and helped us fill our cupboards. 

Thank you Arvest and everyone who participated in the 1 Million Meals campaign for your help addressing hunger in the Fayetteville area and beyond.

Board of Directors


Current Board

  • Dr. Merlin J. Augustine, Jr. Ed.D
  • Mrs. Beverly Augustine
  • Mr. Merlin J. Augustine, III
  • Dr. Mark Bonner, M.D.
  • Dr. Scott Cooper, M.D.
  • Coach Norm DeBriyn
  • Mr. Randy DeCuir
  • Dr. Michael Knight, D.V.M.
  • Mrs. Nancy R. Qualls
  • Mr. John Singh

Director of Endowment

  • Mrs. Amber Trumbo Gaskill

Perpetual Board

  • Mr. Merlin J. Augustine, Sr.
  • Mrs. Nora Mayeaux Augustine
  • Mr. Trent Trumbo
  • Mr. Roland S. Boreham, Jr.
  • Dr. Charles Springer, Ph.D
  • Mr. Kenneth McKee
  • Mr. James Kinnally
  • Chief Larry Slamons

Honorary Board Member

  • Sister M. Concetta Augustine

Why We Started the Foundation

The M & N Augustine Foundation was founded on November 16, 1992, Marksville, Louisiana, on the 62nd Wedding Anniversary of the late Merlin and Nora Augustine, Sr. The Foundation was established as an expression of appreciation to my parents who in my early years were extremely kind, gentle and compassionate to all who came to them for assistance. During that time there were no social programs as we know them today. I did not fully understand why my parents would ask me to give up my bed to someone else to inhabit it, or why we would share our meager resources with so many other individuals.

- Dr. Merlin J Augustine, Jr.



Honors Awards and Reconition

  • Corporate Helping Hand Award
  • Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award
  • Distinguished Volunteer Award
  • Geraldine Walker Award
  • Most Generous Heart Award
  • Youth Citizenship Award

Special Awards Given to the Foundation

  • Torchbearer Award for Exemplary Community Service, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, March 2004
  • Cited in Congressional Records September 10, 2003 by the Honorable John Boozman 10th Congress first session
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award for Excellence in Community Service, January 2003
  • J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award for Spirit of Volunteerism, 2000
  • J.C. Penney Eagle Award for Distinguished Community Service, 1996
  • City of Fayetteville Community Helping Hand Award, 1993
  • Office of Governor State of Arkansas, Office of Volunteerism, Outstanding Community Service 1992